PPC Marketing


After you building your website and submitted it to all search engine indexes you need to start earning money. Here I am introducing to you one of the ways that could help you to make money online which is Pay Per Click(PPC) Marketing. The PPC developed by Google and other search engines. The three biggest search engines on the internet are Google.com, Yahoo.com & Microsoft’s MSN (now Bing.com). Google has by far the biggest market share with 81 %.So I do believe that you have to focus on Google Adwords.

Pay Per Click is one of  the best online marketing channels available on the internet today. The main reason why this is the case and why it works so well is because the need is already established when the customer starts searching. You don’t have to worry about the pre-sale or creating a need for products people are already searching for, all you need to do is be placed where they can see you, offer your product at the right price and they will purchase.

The main benefits of using Adwords instead of relying only on Search Engine Optimization are;
1.    You can control where and how you display on the Google search results.
2.    You can measure the exact amount you want to spend.
3.    You can compare that cost with your income, allowing you to measure your exact Return on Investment (ROI).

For example;
•    You set your bid at $0.14 and say for example you end up paying Google $0.12 every time someone clicks on your text advert.
•    You send 100 people to your website so your total cost is $12.00.
•    Of those 100 people, only 2 people purchase your product (2% - which is very conservative)
•    Let’s say you set the price of your product to $35. From 2 sales you will make a return of $70.
•    Because you have a digital product you have no other expenses so you will make a pure total profit of $60.
•    $70(return) minus/less $10.00 (investment) = $60 profit

Now that you understand the importance on PPC Marketing go to AdWords Learning Center - AdWords Help.Google has a complete Step-by-step learning

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