Newsletters Writing

First thing you should remember if you have an already - built mailing list is to email your customers and subscribers in order to raise your income. You need to write a series of emails or newsletters knowing that starting writing newsletters is always considered as pain in the neck, but when you are done, these writings will turn into a significant profitable on investment.

There are common rules you must follow in order to get the best of your newsletters:

  • Issue monthly or bi-weekly newsletters to keep communication lines open with your subscribers while not bothering them as they are busy.
  • Write about the updates in your website, new resources, and new opportunities but remember that your newsletter is for communication and not for selling things. So, do not use buy or buy now phrases frequently.
  • Try to identify your subscribers, group them in different lists as you have subscribers who are already customers and others who are potential customers. Each group needs different type of communication such as offering discount to the potential customers.
  • Make your newsletter looks fresh and professional.
  • Upload free articles that your source from copyright-free places or websites that you partner with.
  • Keep in mind that it is always much better to develop your content in your own.

This is about your existing subscribers and customers, but what about getting new customers?. Here what you need to do for new customers:

  • Social networks are great places to attract people and lead them to your website, so be active over the web, subscribe into forms, groups, have twitter, facebook, and try to publish a new thing weekly
  • Even if you do not have anything to write about, just log in and say hi.
  • Remember not to repeat yourself, do not publish the articles you developed more than once at the same forums, re-write them, let them looks different then publish.
  • Use the contents of your newsletters as a source of the articles you are developing. Be honest and do not publish misleading information or unreal opportunities, and finally make sure that if you included a link in your article, the link should lead directly to the target so instead of sending people to the homepage, send them exactly to the desired page.
  • Always give visitors some reasons to come back to your website like free newsletters, monthly specials, etc.
  • Keep the content fresh and add/delete pages regularly.

Remember - more traffic means more leads, and more leads mean more sales!