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Search Engine Optimization

Even if you don't understand search engine optimization in depth, if you can understand the following simple concepts, you will understand how you can generate traffic for free using search engines.

  • SEO Concept 1:

Search engines rank all pages on a website according to their relevancy in relation to keywords that searchers input.The more inbound links a page has from similar websites of high quality, the better it will rank.Remember, all of this is determined in relation to keywords input by searchers.

  • SEO Concept 2:

Keywords that receive a lot of searches also tend to have a lot of competition. This is also true of keywords that don't receive a lot of searches, but generate a significant amount of revenue per visit.When targeting keywords for your site, you will want to choose the path of least resistance.This generally entails choosing keywords that receive a lot of searches, but are not competitive.

  • SEO Concept 3:

Start building pages that are based around a keyword with traffic, but no competition.

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In order to succeed online you have to make sure that Google and your audience loves you. By implementing these essential SEO steps, you will help Google and other search engines to find, index and rank your site. Also you will keep your audience revisiting your site.



So let’s make Google loves your site;

·         Submit XML sitemap.

This is the first action you should talk after building your website. By doing this you make sure that Google and others will discover your entire website.XML Submission is the fastest, best and  only guaranteed way to inform search engines about all pages in your website.

Creating and submitting an XML Sitemap is so easy and out there many free tools you can use,……..

Make sure to re-submit your site map on weekly or monthly basis. This will help in keeping your site information is up to date


·         Build Quality Links

This is so simple and makes sense. The number and the quality links that points to your site an indicator about the quality and valuable content that your site has.

Be aware of:

o   Sites involved in link selling or any sort of criminal activity, or sites containing viruses will be blocked by Google.

o   Never buy links, you may be penalized by Google

o   The best way to for building links is directory submission, which could be simple as submitting your name, email and your website. or submitting a full extensive profile.

o   List your site in the most important and respected directories. It is useless to submit your site to hundreds of directories specially that some of them may be blocked by Google

o   Participate in social network activities such as Facebook, twitter and  LinkedIn

o   Good content is the best and most guaranteed way to get links. Keep your site original and fresh.

o   Links that come from (edu or gov) domains are much more appreciated and respected.


·         Broken links broke your  business

Page not found the easiest way to lose customer when this message  appear after clicking a link in your page. Also broken links reduce search engine crawling efficiency and accuracy, which means low ranking.

So you have to check your links regularly. There are hundreds of tools and websites that offers link checks.Creating a custom 404 Error page and use 301 redirects when you rename or move pages.


·         Easy Navigation

Google loves and rewards sites with good navigation because they want their users to have a good experience when they click on a search result. It's in Google's best interest to promote sites with good navigation to their users. So add to your site HTML site map, Google Site Search box, a Local Search listing and Google Map listing.

Try to use text instead of images to display important names, content, or links. The Google crawler doesn't recognize text contained in images. If you must use images for textual content, consider using the "ALT" attribute to include a few words of descriptive text.


·         Right Keywords

Choose two or three highly targeted keywords or key phrases for each page of your site, including your Home Page.Google's two free keyword tools below are a great way to discover keywords that may be worth targeting in your content.

Google's Adwords Keyword Research Tool

Places to use your keywords:

In your page title.

In your page description

In your page URL

In the headings and subheadings

In the first sentence and your first paragraph

In the last paragraph.

In your text links.

In the ALT tags on images.


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