Marketing Strategy


Whether you are trying to make money marketing online including niche marketing with AdSense ads; selling tangible products (such as on; creating and selling your own products; selling things on auction sites such as and more, you still need to create a marketing strategy. To develop your own marketing strategy, you need tools and you need to be very creative and patient. The main purpose of marketing strategy is to drive traffic into your website as more traffic into your own website means more profits.

•    Have your own Facebook, Twitter accounts,and other social media accounts.
•    Be active in the social networks; join forums and groups related to your product or service.
•    Have your Google Adwords and Adsense account.
•    Search and find those profitable niches.
•    Make your own products.
•    Search for the next profitable affiliated product.
•    Email your subscribers in regular basis.
•    Consider your long-term business plan.
•    Do everything to achieve a high search engine ranking.
•    Submit articles, with your website's link at the resource box as the more sites you submit your article into means the better your link popularity is.
•    Offer a newsletter.
•    Offer incentives to your site visitors to encourage them to subscribe into your newsletters.
•    Build an opt-in email list.


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Marketing rules are the same no matter how big or small your business is:

(1) brand your product,

(2) determine who your target audience is,

(3) get the sales, and

(4) establish repeat customers.

What You Need for Online Marketing to be Successful:

There are some important points to consider before you get into the strategies and intricacies of online marketing:

•  Communication is an important part of online marketing is how you respond to your customer’s e-mail.  You don’t want to lose potential customers after you’ve made the effort to have them visit your website and then contact you for more information.  E-mail is a very effective and cost efficient way for you to generate more sales.  The key to this effectiveness is “consistency”.  You need to be consistent in your response to your customers.  You’ll also want to make sure that the tone of your e-mail corresponds with the tone you’ve set in your website content.
•  Products that people want to buy online.  Before you start marketing online you need to be sure that you have a product or service that people want to buy.  Customers need to find a value in what you’re selling.  There are two motivating factors when it comes to selling online:  cost and convenience.  Ask yourself if customers will find it easier to buy online than finding a local store.  Is it cheaper for them to buy this from you online?


A big factor to successful online marketing is knowing who your target audience is and how to reach them

• What age group are you trying to sell to?
• Are you selling to a specific ethnic group or gender?
• Will most of your customers be married or single?
• How fast will most Internet connections be?
• Will you target customers who have children?
• What level of education will most of your customers have?
• Where will most of your customers live?
• Will your customers have any specific hobbies?

The more you know about your customers the easier it will be to come up with a marketing plan.  You’ll also be able to design a website that is the most appealing to these customers.The biggest advantage of marketing on the Internet is that it allows you to become very targeted towards your desired customers.