Email Writing

Another way to ask people to visit your website is via email, and they will just use it if you write it in a good and attractive way. Bad emails not only let people not visiting your site but they will ignore any future communication with you. Be careful when you write your emails.

In order to write a selling email, you should take into your consideration the following elements:

  • Headline or the subject of your email; here you need to grab the attention of people so they will open your email.
  • Opening story to hook your visitors, tell them why you are emailing them, and promise them that they will get benefit from continuing reading the emails.
  • Bullets are much more effective than a long paragraph to provide your massage. Remember to be consistent as people do not have time and they have many emails in their inbox not just yours.
  • If you re offering something in your email, work to hype up the benefits of what you offer and ask for an action like visit, or check out, etc…..
  • Graphics and pictures are great, but use them wisely as more than 2 images will be a bad sign.
  • At the end of your email, provide a help link and un-subscription link to make the reader comfortable.




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