Build Your Own Website


As any other business, there is the heart of that business. Here, the heart of your business is your website and you have two options here. You can start building your site from scratch, which I highly recommend, or you can find a ready-made websites.
If you build your site from scratch, it will give you many advantages as you will be fully over control of your website and your products. As you build your website, you will learn the fundamentals of web environment, but you still can start with a ready-made website as a starting point. However, at the end you will notice that successful online guys have their own websites.

What do you need?
To start building your website you need a domain name, a hosting account and an auto responder.

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Few basic rules:Apply few basic rules that are MUST DOs for any profitable website.

Choose the right domain name for your website, websites with a good domain name are easier to remember and trust. Domain name that have the .COM extension is better, the name should be short (one or two keywords), and somehow related to the product you sell or service that you provide. So be creative.
Focus on the content, easy navigation and logical flow instead of making your website cute.
• State what you are about on the top of the page.
• Don't confuse your readers with links all over the site.
• Provide information on the website that helps visitors solve their problems.
• Give visitors some reasons to come back to your website -like free newsletters, monthly specials, etc.
Keep the content fresh and add/delete pages regularly; search engines like this.
Identify keywords that are important for your business, check Google or other search engines for keyword options at no cost.
Register your domain and your hosting account in the same company; it is better for management in the future.

What about the Hosting?
Hosting (also known as Web site hosting, and Web Hosting) is the business of housing, serving, and maintaining files for one or more Web sites. In my opinion and after trying hundreds of hosting companies, my recommendations are:

• I recommend Godaddy web hosting $1.99 Web Hosting
This is because of  the price,the great support,and  the easiness of domain and host management that Go daddy provides.