Ads Writing


Why to advertise;

You need traffic to your website, and advertising is one of the most effective ways to generate traffic if it is done correctly.
The main result of writing an ad will depend on the ability of your ad to attract enough interest to encourage the viewers to click on the ad, and then to send them to a related page which "seals the deal" to produce the desired result whether generating a lead to follow-up with, or producing an actual sale, etc.

TIP: the ad should be linked to a specific page that relates directly to the ad and its content. If you send your viewers to a home page that gives them a wide variety of places to go, they will become confused and most probably the will close the page immediately. Take them by the hand and lead them where YOU want them to go.
Any ad has major parts such as the title and the description and you have to think carefully when you write your title. What you write should be both an attention grabber and a summary of what your site about.

Think of the TITLE as a headline that will make people want to click and visit your site. So be creative, find a hook, and sell a benefit.

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Writing a description

  • The description is a longer summary of your site, or offer.
  • The Description is an amplification of your title; the better your description is means the more targeted your traffic will be.
  • Think about the benefits you are offering and the reasons someone should visit your site. Try to answer the questions raised by your title.
  • Take a look at other websites or products similar to yours, learn from them but do not copy them, you have to be creative.
  • Take into your consideration where do you advertise, advertising at Google has different roles and requires different shape than facebook as an example. Make sure to write in a good and clear language; do not use complex or so many technical terms.

Effective online marketing is all about putting your product or service in front of potential customers at the exact time that they are looking for it.  This technique is known as “pinpoint marketing”.  Pinpoint marketing is much different than advertising on radio or television, which are known as “interruptive marketing” techniques.  Interruptive marketing costs a lot more than pinpoint marketing and is less effective for the simple reason that you’re attempting to put your product out there in front of everybody instead of pinpointing those potential customers who want to find out more about you and your business.

The placement and timing of ads on the Internet has become so important to online marketing that some companies, such as Yahoo!, are selling advertisements in “day-part”.  Day-part is something that has always been done in television advertising.  Day-part marketing works like this – specifying at which time of the day certain ads are viewed so that you can effectively target your customers.